Three Phase Head Pressure Controls

The 865-3AA three phase head pressure control monitors the head pressure by sensing excessive liquid sub cooling and modulates the condenser fan motor speed and varies the volume of air through the condenser. Each application requires the controller be installed as a package with an approved motor. The optional 265-PI Interface can also be used to provide another mode of operation in which a desired set point is used to drive the control as needed.
  • Onboard diagnostics to verify proper installation
  • LED indicators verify proper operation
  • Multiple voltages 208-230/460/600 VAC
  • Weatherproof Kit NEMA-3R (Optional)
  • 1/2 to 2 H.P. Motors, 8 amps
Data Sheets
Other Information
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Why Measure Head Pressure using Temperature instead of Pressure?

Many people assume that the best way to control the head pressure from a compressor is to directly sense the line pressure using a sensor inserted into the liquid line.