203-5 Series

Flow Transducer with Velocity Logic

The 203-5 Series Electronic Flow Transducers are used to convert duct air velocity into a DC voltage signal. These signals are proportional to the selected flow range. The unique "flow through" sensor provides full dynamic range over the entire flow range. This series replaces the 203-3 flow transducers.
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This transducer can be used with a 266-PI Set Point Control with PI function board integrated with a fan motor control such as the 790-ECM(VmA) for EC motors or the 709-VmA for PSC motors to achieve a control system that maintains a set flow velocity within a duct.
Models Available
203-5A(24)V 0 - 2000 FPM
203-5B(24)V 0 - 3000 FPM
203-5C(24)V 0 - 4000 FPM