Electronic VAV Flow Controller Sensor and Logic

The 200-3 Series electronic Flow Control is a multiple purpose flow actuator for variable air volume (VAV) air distribution systems. The 200-3 is capable of precise air flow and temperature regulation within the space being served by the terminal unit.

The 200-3 Series Flow Controls can provide pressure independent control (with thermostat input), constant volume, or constant pressure regulation. The unique "flow through sensor" provides flow or pressure regulation over the entire flow or pressure range.

The pressure independent controller compares the flow signal with the electronic thermostat signal and meters the appropriate volume of air to the space, regardless of terminal (damper inlet) pressure. This control function is referred to as "Pressure Independent VAV Control".

This control can be customized with various Interface Cards in the 202 Series
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Typically utilized with a velocity pressure pickup, a thermostat, an interface card and a damper actuator in order to control airflow in a heating or cooling system.
  • Damper override (open or closed) is included
  • Field adjustable minimum and maximum flow limits
  • Plug-in interface connector
  • Flow sensor responds to airflow from 0 to 4000 ft/min
  • Averages flow from velocity pressure pickup